Rotary Hoeing and Soil Renovation

We provide 2 different types of Rotary Hoeing, or soil preparation. The first, is conventional Rotary Hoeing where the machine rotates knives into the soil from the surface down, and breaks the soil apart as it throws it to the rear of the machine. Tilled consistency is affected greatly by forward speed, moisture in the soil, and the position of the rear levelling flap, combined with number of passes.

Another way of soil tilling  is the soil renovator, or stone burier. This machine initially looks like a rotary hoe, but works by rotating in the opposite direction, (with differently shaped tines, or knives). This action breaks the soil from below and upwards. This helps maintain the natural soil layering by redepositing the lower layers of soil to bottom cut, while allowing the aerated topsoil to fall back onto the top layer. A great side effect of this action is that trash and stones are effectively buried beneath a smooth layer of topsoil. Larger rocks are pushed in front of the machine and deposited at the end of each pass.

Soil moisture content is much more critical for the Stone Burier than a conventional rotary hoe. If the soil is too damp it will not process so well. However, the Stone Burier preserves a lot ore of the moisture in the soil than traditional rotary hoeing, making for faster germination. 


Below is a great example of the results of just a single pass with our Soil Renovator. Not only does this machine help retain the natural orientation of the soil layers, it also provides an excellent finish in just one pass, levelling and smoothing as it goes.


Mounted above the stone burier is a calibrated seeder, (the blue unit on this machine), followed by a roller, (the black and silver unit at the back). The seeder can handle course and fine seeds, and be calibrated to deliver from 10 to 500 kg of seed per Ha.

  Rotary Hoeing 01.jpg



This image gives a wider look at progress in a large paddock using the soil renovator. 



This machine is an "all in one" that cultivates, seeds, and rolls in one pass! Efficiency that means faster work and lower costs for you.

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Please see Paddock Renovation for more detail on pasture refurbishing.

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