Paddock Renovation

 Rotary Hoeing 01.jpg

 The Soil Renovator is a reverse direction cultivator. Soil is dug from below and lifted into the upper chamber where it passes through filter springs, separating stones and rubbish from the finer topsoil.

As they hit the screen, stones and debris fall down into the cavity behind the forward moving blades, and topsoil flies through the screen to cover the debris and stones. At this stage, seed, (normally grass), is dropped by the calibrated seeder so that the topsoil mixes with it as it falls to the ground.

The press roller following drives the seeder, and also presses the soil leaving aeration holes and a lightly pressed seed bed. Seed application rates can be calibrated from pasture rates of 25 -30kg/Ha up to fine turf of 400kg/Ha plus.

paddock renovation 01.jpg

In the picture above, dried, barren and very compacted lawn is being renovated, seeded and rolled in a single pass. Efficient and Cost effective!

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