Who's who in Block Busters Lifestyle Maintenance?

Block Busters Lifestyle Maintenance is the brainchild of Lance and Sheryl Pawley, the idea first germinating way back in the late 1990's.

Having lived on a lifestyle block since 1997, we quickly learnt there was a lack of mechanical or tractor based services available to "lifestylers" or small farm holders. Any substantial equipment needed had to be hired as purchasing was frequently not economic – and, like most Lifestyle Block owners, we quickly learnt you just won't use some gear enough to justify the investment to own it, even though it is desperately needed occasionally! However, unfortunately, most of these jobs were too small to make the work attractive to the established Agricultural Contractors.

The only alternative seemed to be hiring equipment and “doing it yourself”, (if you can source it). This option is all well and good, (and expensive), if you have the expertise to operate the machinery, but few lifestyle block owners come from a rural background, and, sadly, quite a few have also come to grief in the process, too.

So, seeing this challenge as an opportunity, we developed a business model to provide a comprehensive and highly mobile range of tractor based services targeting the small land holder.  Coming from a business development and marketing background, (with plenty of hands-on experience from earlier rural days), we were able to start building our business. Us_2_and_Ute.jpg

So, Block Busters Lifestyle Maintenance was officially launched in April 2006, with the establishment of business model, logos and branding, and an extensive local advertising programme  (and Lance leaving his Sales and Marketing job to dive in full time - big breath required!).  We quickly found there was significant demand for our services, even though we had started near Autumn, (which was a deliberate decision to enable us to get systems established - a "soft start").
Business built steadily since those early beginnings, and, with an increased marketing effort in lifestyle farming magazines and local radio, we rapidly had to acquire even more equipment to accommodate the needs of our emerging clientele. Now, we work very long hours in "the season", but things do quieten down a little over the wetter months, (whew!) - Oh, and we essentially stopped advertising about 2011.


The future? Well - due to significant demand, we are now expanding across NZ. So -  if you are interested in a rapidly growing business that brings out the best of you and your customers? Drop me an email or phone me, (Lance), and let's start talking about how a Block Busters business unit could become your new passion! We are developing a hybrid Franchise type business model, where you can own your own part of the business, and benefit from Head Office based advertising and marketing.

So, who is ideally suited to our business? First, you must be genuinely concerned with your customers' needs and welfare. You have to have rock solid ethics and values, and know that you will only be successful in your business if you are genuine and honest in all your dealings. You must enjoy people, making new friends and going beyond the expected. You also need to enjoy your own company, as you probably will spend much of your time working on your own. You will enjoy excellent rewards for your efforts, and build a sound business that will have saleable value.

Please understand, we carefully select who we invite to join us, and, naturally, you will be requested to complete a confidentiality agreement before we start telling you our secrets of success - but I'm sure you understand our reasons!

Sounds like you? Well, Drop me an email or phone toll free, 0508 256 252, (0508 BLOCKB)
All the best!
Lance and Sheryl Pawley

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