Efficient Application of Sprays and Liquid Fertilisers

We offer comprehensive ground based spraying services.

We spray weeds like buttercup, ragwort, nightshade, plantain, dock, carrot weed, penny royal, gorse, pampas, yarrow, parsley dropwort, effect selective pasture repair and lots more. Like to contact us for more information? Want an FREE on-site consultation? Click here!
boom spraying 1.jpg
Boom spraying.

We use non-drift nozzles allowing precise application with no "collateral damage", even in windy conditions.
Gun Spraying 400x300.jpg
We can also target hard to reach areas with direct application with a spray "gun". Here we are using a pink dye to assist with comprehensive targeting on gorse. Gun spraying is limited to little or no wind conditions - to eliminate drift risk. We also use fairly low pressure to minimise scattering from the target plant(s).
Spraying Lime small.jpg
Her we are applying liquid lime and liquid fertiliser using boom mounted "rose" nozzles.

This method allows the lime and fert solids to pass through the system, whereas they would block the filters if the boom nozzles were used.

With a nozzle on each boom, we can spread over a 12 metre swathe - saving time and (your) money - (note the large droplet size).
Various targeting weed sprays can be applied simultaneously with the lime and fertiliser, making for more efficient (therefore less expensive) application. However, this method of weed spraying is NOT employed on windy days, (but the lime and fert can still go on).  



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