"One Off" Paddock Mowing and Mulching

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Has your grass got out of control? Block Busters can reclaim your wilderness and return it to the paradise it once was. We have a wide range of slashing, cutting, mowing and mulching equipment ensuring the right gear is available to best suit your needs. Steep slope mowing and mulching are no problem, (although we don't go silly with it)! Our machines and experienced operators can handle extreme slopes - depending on ground conditions of course. Or we can manicure your park - whatever you need.

Whether you just have extra grass growth, or there is a major weed or gorse challenge, we have the machinery and expertise to do the job for you. See our Gallery for some excellent images of our work, and a glimpse of how good your place can look too!

Once we have tamed the wilderness for you, you can then keep it under control yourself if you wish, or perhaps have us back regularly for scheduled mowing?

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